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Greetings friends of the Institute. Many of us feel on the cusp of the “new normal” as we reach the middle of 2021. It’s an opportunity to look back on an extraordinary year, a time of great difficulty but also of great appetite for change and innovation.

Our 2020 annual Integrated report assesses the value we have created for multiple stakeholders, including our members. In it we review our research and its applications for asset owners and asset managers, describe how we create value, and provide metrics for our various activities - including your assessment of us. The report is brief, and we encourage you to read it. We very much welcome your feedback.  

Embracing change and reflection are key to what we do as an institute. In Q2 2021 our Adjusting focus event looked at how Covid-19 is changing the investment industry, through the lens of people and wellbeing, leadership and culture, and sustainable investing. Links to videos and articles from this event are featured below. We received excellent feedback from this event and so we hope you find this applicable to you and your organisation. Do look at our research and events agendas if you are curious about what we will be focusing on over the rest of this year.

Adjusting focus| How Covid-19 is changing the investment industry  
Industry-leading experts from AllianceBernstein, Fidelity International and HESTA joined us to explore how Covid-19 is impacting investment organisations and their employees.

Podcast | Duty of Ownership  

In the first of a series of podcasts, Jess Gao speaks to Roger Urwin about some of the findings from the duty of ownership working group, specifically around fiduciary duty and sustainability. All the findings are written up in: With great power comes great responsibility.
With great power comes great responsibility  

Organisations can create easily-socialised sustainable investment policies and practices.

The Duty of Ownership working group paper covers principles around fiduciary duty, voting rights and low-carbon economy transition.

Investment insights
Biases: Covid-19 vaccines and investing in China
Prime time for investment superteams
Exploring big
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Marisa Hall
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