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Hello friends of the Institute. We’ve had a very busy Autumn and have a lot to share with you, including several global research studies: the TAI/P&I 300 and 500, as well as research publications on impact investing and culture. We’ve also launched a new podcast channel, 3-D Investing, and would encourage you to sign up so that you can enjoy our research wherever you are. Thank you for your ongoing interest in our work and we, like you, look forward to hopefully engaging together in a more conventional manner next year, when we will be in touch again. Until then, all the best for the festive season! 
3-D Investing – The Institute’s new podcast show
Three-dimensional thinking (risk, return and impact) from the TAG team - episodes are now available on  Spotify , iTunes and Stitcher
TAI/ P&I 500
An annual research study of the world’s 500 largest asset managers, produced with Pensions & Investments. AUM at the world’s largest asset managers exceeded US$100 trillion for the first time. 
TAI/ P&I 300
An annual research study of the 300 largest pension funds globally. Among the findings, it shows they grew last year by 8% to US$19.5 trillion, reversing a small decline from the previous year.
Culture white paper
Despite its centrality to organisational success, culture is still under researched, under measured and under rated. This paper captures findings from our industry study and sheds light on the power of culture.
Impact investing
Featuring case studies from seven global investment organisations, this paper provides practical guidelines to help organisations define purpose, document beliefs, measure impact and communicate value.
Closing the gaps | 2020 sustainability summit
A reminder to sign up for our summit, aimed at identifying the problems preventing the investment industry from making progress with sustainability and suggesting actionable solutions.
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Investment insights
Do we really
know our organisation?
Industry not learning from experience
The Covid-19 play - tragedy or triumph?
You may have missed...
The power of culture summit
The climb to the new view event
Wider perspectives act II
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